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Here at Di Alfredo Foods, there is nothing more Important than Quality and Transparency. Below is a short summary for each core product category that explains how we do our best to ensure we are always providing the best quality and most honest product possible to our customers.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

All Extra Virgin Olive Oil we import goes through a 3 step process to confirm and ensure it is truly an Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

- We require a Certified Chemical Analysis Report from the supplier before the product ships

- When the product arrived our in-house Certified Olive Oil Sommelier performs a Sensory Analysis on the product to ensure the Olive Oil is Free of Defects and passes as a true Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

- We then send a sample of the product to a 3rd Party Impartial lab in California to acquire our own Chemical Analysis Report so we can ensure it matches the one given to us by the producer. 

Beyond the above Quality Control Policies, it is important to also point out that we physically visit the farms during harvest no less than once every 3 years to ensure their standards and processes are still up to par with what we expect and require for our product. We are the direct bridge between you and the producer, there are no middle men. When you buy from Di Alfredo Foods, you have found the source. 

2. Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Unlike most of our competitors, the base Olive Oil used in our Infused products is 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Other companies utilize a "pure olive oil" or a blend and try to justify it by saying the strong characteristics of EVOO are too strong for Flavored Oils. That is BOGUS.

The decision to choose a "pure" Olive Oil or Blend is made simply to save money and nothing else. When selecting our base EVOO for our Infused Oils, we select only Extra Virgin Olive Oils with a DELICATE profile. This means the Olive Oil is still 100% Extra Virgin, still has ZERO defects but has very low pungency and bitterness. It highlight instead the more floral and juice notes in the Olive Oil. 

3. Balsamic Vinegar

The founder of Di Alfredo Foods, Paul Pecorari, was born and raised in Modena, Italy. Because of his upbringing and family heritage, we take the quality and sanctity of our Balsamic Vinegar very seriously. 


We also have an in house Certified Balsamic Analyst to ensure all product received meets IGP Standards. 

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